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This salty treatment will make you feel great!


Is Abu Dhabi’s first salt therapy room a gimmicky trend or a natural way of treating health concerns?

What is salt therapy?

No, salt therapy doesn’t involve eating spoonfuls of the crystalline mineral; this is far more therapeutic than that.

Today’s salt therapy is a modern version of an Eastern European tradition where people chilled out in natural salt caves to improve their overall wellbeing.

The ancient practice – also known as halotherapy, derived from the Greek word for salt, ‘alas’ – is said to help improve constriction of our airways, easing symptoms like coughing, wheezing and asthma.

Himalayan salt, in particular, is also said to have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial effects, be a natural moisturiser and aid in detoxification, making it a great way to combat respiratory conditions, alleviate stress and treat skin conditions.

It seems overall, salt is a pretty powerful mineral.

How does it work?

Much like a zen room, the salt therapy room at House of Nature is dimly lit, with a wall of pink Himalayan salt bricks, a line of comfy lounge chairs and a floor made of ground Himalayan salt, giving a natural, beachy feel to the room.

Rachael Perrett

A multi-purpose space, the room is used for various services including massages, meditation and even yoga. A vent in the room blows out salt-infused air.

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WORDS Rachael Perrett

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