Ayurveda & Yoga THERAPIST

Dr. Vineetha Rohin

Dr Vineetha Rohin is  a HAAD licensed medical practitioner who is specialized in Ayurveda and Yoga. After completing her graduation in Ayurveda Medicine from Amrita School of Ayurveda,Quilon,Kerala, India she practiced with well-known Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala such as Ashtangam Ayurveda Medical college, Mahusadhi Ayurvedic hospital and Research Centre,Government Ayurvedic Dispensory in Alappuzha. She has been a delegate to various International ayurvedic seminars. She has a total of more than 5years of experience and is well known among her clients for  Traditional Ayurvedic panchakarma treatments

Dr Vineetha Rohin also holds a PG diploma in Hospital management .

At House of Nature Dr.Vineetha  is consulted for Ayurvedic and  Yogic management of musculo skeletal disorders,Pediatric diseases,skin diseases and many behavioural changing Disorders.Her line of management of disease is through prevention and treating the present scenario rather than respond to indicators of disease-by balancing in and harmony between your body,mind and nature. According to her Ayurveda and yoga supports the revitalizing and empowering idea that we have the ability to heal ourselves.